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Creating innovative solutions for small to medium sized businesses.


Who we are

Smarter Software is a boutique software development company specializing in automation and workflow solutions. We believe that bigger isn't necessarily better, and our small team sizes mean that your company gets the personal attention it deserves.

What we do

Smarter Software provides custom, innovative automation and workflow solutions for small to medium sized businesses.


Workplace automation has been a hot topic in the news for the last couple of years. Automation can alleviate data double-entry, repetitive tasks, and other tedious manual processes, allowing your company to focus its time and energy on what's really important: growing your business.

Quality Improvements

Automation integration helps alleviate double-entry, or remove it entirely. Why enter data into two different software packages, when the company can do it for you? And it can do it faster, without the errors that creep in whenever human hands are on keyboards.


Workflow is essential to a smoothly running business. Nearly all business functions have some kind of workflow process with a beginning, middle steps, and an end. By integrating workflow with automation, Smarter Software can not only help shepherd your projects through a policy-driven workflow cycle, we can often eliminate the human factor from many of the intermediate steps in between.


A company is a web of interconnected and inter-dependent teams, often using specialized commercial off-the-shelf software to help them get the job done. It's likely that your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, accounting packages, and project tracking will be in different pieces of software. Smarter Software can help integrate these various software packages, as it guides a project through the workflow process, so that the customer information in your CRM package appears on your invoices without any error-prone double-entry.


Off-the-shelf software often forces you, the business owner, to conform to its limitations and design. Smarter Software doesn't sell off-the-shelf software. We develop custom software solutions designed around your business practices, not the other way around.


Transparent honesty is something we pride ourselves on. We deliver on time, within budget and without misleading tactics. We believe in building open and honest relationships that last more than just the next business quarter.

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